【投稿募集】 ARSO 2021 Organized Session on "Practical Robot Benchmarking for Social Impacts”

ROBOCIP (産業用ロボット次世代基礎技術研究機構)の山本知幸と申します。
先日ご案内のありました ARSO 2021 にてオーガナイズドセッションを企画しましたので、ぜひご検討をお願いいたします。

Practical Robot Benchmarking と称しまして、ロボットの社会実装が広がるためには、ステークホルダー間での共通言語としてのベンチマークが必要と考えており、そのためのコンセプト、事例をもちより議論する場としたいと思います。

ARSO 2021 Organized Session on "Practical Robot Benchmarking for Social Impacts”
organized by T. Yamamoto , A. Faragasso, F. Bonsignorio, A. P. del Pobil and S. Redfield (co-chairs, IEEE RAS TC-PEBRAS)

Commonly understandable and reproducible robot benchmarking methods can be used as a tool for the social installation of robots. Study on such methods, includes user-friendly performance index in industrial use, robot competition for technology development.

While a common measurement index for multiple stakeholders is as important as the development of technology itself, it does not exist on the practical level.

In this session, we aim to gather researchers on academic, industrial, and (potential) users who are interested in social installation and discuss how to make benchmarking methods a “common language” between stakeholders.

Topics of interest include(, but are not limited to):

Reproducible robot benchmarking methods for common use. Such as:
-User-friendly performance index in industrial use.
-Lessons learned in a robot competition organization to activate its community.
-Lessons learned in robot competitions for fair comparison.
-Common measurement index that “bridge” multiple stakeholders.

Note: Submission deadline is 1 Feb.
paper types: regular paper (up to 8 ages) proceedings+IEEE Xplore
position paper (up to 4 pages) proceedings only

ROBOCIP (産業用ロボット次世代基礎技術研究機構)