History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2008Integration, Intelligence, etc.Development and Deployment of Open Source Robot Audition Software HARK (Honda Research Institute Japan Audition for Robots with Kyoto University)

Kazuhiro NakadaiHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
Shun'ichi YamamotoKyoto University
Hiroshi G. OkunoKyoto University
Jean-Marc ValinUniversité de Sherbrooke
Hirofumi NakajimaHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
Ryu TakedaKyoto University
Keisuke NakamuraHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
Takami YoshidaTokyo Institute of Techinology
Takeshi MizumotoKyoto University
Takuma OtsukaKyoto University
HARK (Honda Research Institute Japan Audition for Robots with Kyoto University) was released as open source software for robot audition in April, 2008, which is a grand sum of achievements in robot audition since 2000. Uinsg a microphone array consisting of multiple microphones, three main functions such as sound source localization, sound source separation, and automatic speech recognition of separated speech can be performed with HARK. From the viewpoint of software engineering, HARK was designed with two concepts; user-friendliness that people who do not have enough knowledge on signal and speech processing can operate, and real-time processing that a system can be performed in an offline manner as well as in an online and real-time manner. For the former, GUI programming, easy installation, rich documentation including over 300 page manual and recipes, sufficient number of modules supporting from audio input to automatic speech recognition, supporting multiple platforms like Linux and Windows. For the latter, supporting both off-the-shelf and professional multi-channel audio A/D devices, advanced real-time signal processing modules, seamless connection with ROS. Its effectiveness is shown by various demos, for example, a meal order taking robot that correctly understands eleven simultaneous orders, which exceeds the legendaly capability of Prince Shotoku. Since 2008, The version-up of HARK has been annually cotinued with domestic and/or international free tutorials (as of June 2015, 8 vesion-ups and 11 tutorials have been made.). Email-based technical support is also available. Over 50,000 HARK packages have been downloaded. Recently, HARK users are increasing and HARK is applied to various research fields such as ethology and acoustics in extreme envrionments. 19th RSJ Technical Innovations Award in 2014. IEEE/RSJ IROS 2001 Best Paper Award Finalist in 2007. IEA/AIE The Best Paper Award in 2010.


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