Robotics Laboratories in JapanTokyo Metropolitan University

Faculty of System Design / Graduate School of System Design

Division of Human Mechatronics Systems Department of Human Mechatronics Systems
Intelligent Systems Control Area
  • Kojima Laboratory
    Control Engineering Model Predictive Control Robust Control
    Mechatronics Application
  • Mori Laboratory
    Design of Control System Application of Control Theory Guidance Control of Airship
    Control of Ships Automotive Control Rehabilitation Robot
  • Wada Laboratory
    Robot therapy Smart Variable Space
Intelligent System Design Area
  • Kubota Laboratory
    Intelligent Robots Robot Partners Cognitive Robotics
  • Takesue Laboratory
    Design of Mechanism Power-Assist Robots Personal Vehicle on Water
    Aqua-Robots Haptic Interfaces
Biological System Engineering Area
  • Aomura Laboratory
    Motion Analysis Force Control Dual Arm Robot
    Planning of Coordinated Motion