History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1973BusinessFirst Shipment of Japan’s First Fully Electrically-Driven, Vertically-Articulated MOTOMAN Robot

  In 1977, Yaskawa Electric Corporation (then Yaskawa Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) shipped its first fully electrically-driven, vertically-articulated MOTOMAN robot to an automobile parts manufacturing company after a series of improvements of Japan’s first fully electrically-driven robot that was developed in 1973. ・This small, high-speed robot with a large range of motion could be easily installed in production lines. The compact and easy-to-install design was achieved by using a vertical articulation method instead of the methods which were mainstream at that time, based on cylindrical coordinates and polar coordinates system. ・ In the 1970s, Yaskawa focused on arc welding applications and developed the first MOTOMAN robot for arc welding with highly precise and smooth movement. In the twenty-four years since the first shipment of the MOTOMAN robot, Yaskawa Electric has continued to improve the performance of its MOTOMAN robots and has developed a wide range of robot models to meet the needs of ever-expanding robot applications. The total number of robots shipped reached 70,000 units on June 14, 2001.


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