History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1989BusinessA Teleoperation System for Space Experiments

Ichiro WatanabeFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Keiju OkabayashiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Ryosuke SudaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Takashi UchiyamaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
To clarify the concept of telescience, we conducted a simulated experiment, titled “Influence of microgravity on frog’s ontogeny”, on November 7 and 8, 1988. The project involved constructing a simulated experimental system on the ground, including the teleoperation system (incl. master-slave manipulators) and telepresense system. It was shown that the ground operator could cut a frog’s (Xenopus’s) egg with a 1 mm diameter under the microscope through bilateral master-slave operation of the manipulator at the simulated onboard site despite a 0.5 sec round-trip communication delay between it and the simulated ground site through the CS-3 communication satellite. 1st RSJ Technical Award in 1990.
Ground operator and master arm
Master arm and operation console
Microscope image during egg cutting operation
Remote-site monitoring images during egg cutting operation

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