History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1990BusinessMultifingered Multisensory Bilateral Master-slave controlled Manipulator System

Ken OnishiMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Takeo OomichiMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.(currently Meijo University)
An Advanced Robot project is the national project undertaken from 1983 to 1992. The fields of this project are following three. *nuclear power plant work robot (nuclear robot) *oil production support robot (offshore robot) *productive facility disaster preventive robot (disaster preventive robot) As works which a nuclear robot should do, following were taken up under high level radiation condition like in the container vessel under operation. *surveillance and repair work of valves, pipes, tanks, heat exchangers *floor decontamination The advanced manipulation function was required. For example, a tool can be manipulated free, and it has the delicate performance which can treat a flexible thing, and can do the work which needs power equivalent to man. Then the master-slave manipulator system was developed. This system has two manipulators with multi fingers, the advanced remote control function supported by sensory (arm inner force sense, finger inner force sense, finger tactile sense) bilateral control and autonomous control. Repair work of the valve using a general-purpose tool was demonstrated. In 1993, 4th Technical Award
Advanced Robot appearance for Nuclear field
Master operating seat of Advanced Robot Manipulator
Wire-hanging work of a valve
Spanner work
Different Structured Finger Master Manipulator

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