History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1996BusinessRobot Vision using Stereo Vision with Random-dot Pattern Projection

Manabu HashimotoMitsubishi Electric Corp. (currently Chukyo University)
Kazuhiko SumiMitsubishi Electric Corp. (currently Aoyama Gakuin University)
Shin'ichi KurodaMitsubishi Electric Corp.
Norio KodairaMitsubishi Electric Corp.
Shotaro IwataMitsubishi Electric Corp.
In the field of factory automation such as logistics robots, what we call a depalletizing robot system which can recognize 3-D location and pose of target parcel objects has been required. For this purpose, we have developed a practical industrial robot with 3-D vision system. As for typical 3-D measurement methods, the stereo vision is one of the most popular way, however, it is sometimes difficult to apply it to object that have less texture on the surface. A measurement system with optical pattern projection is generally effective for that purpose, but high-resolution pattern projector or special processor is not suitable as a practical solution. In order to solve this problem, we have realized an industrical robot vision system by combining low-resolution range image and high-resolution gray image. In particular, as for the simple mean for acquiring sparse range data, we developed a stereo vision system with random-dot optical pattern projection. 3th RSJ Technical Innovations Award in 1998.
図1 ランダムドットパターン投光ステレオの構成
Fig. 1 Configuration of stereo vision with random-dot pattern projection.
図2 物体移載のためのロボットシステムの構成
Fig. 2 Configuration of object handling robot system.
図3 投影されたランダムドットパターン
Fog. 3 Projected optical random-dot pattern.
図4 ロボットによる物体移載
Fig. 4 Object handling by a robot.


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