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Elderly-care robots and housework-assist robots move around and communicate with humans in houses and care centers. The following functions are required of these robots: voice recognition for receiving human instructions, task planning for generating the motion trajectories of the robots for accomplishing instructed tasks, robot vision for recognizing the task objects and humans, and compliance control techniques for contact with objects and humans. We demonstrated these functions through a game in which a human and robot bat a beach ball back and forth. In the scenario for the demonstration, 1) the operator verbally directs the robot to pick up the beach ball, and the robot listens the instruction, recognizes the ball in the camera image, and generates the motion trajectory to approach to the ball and pick up it with its arms; 2) when the human hits the ball, the robot tracks the ball using its stereo cameras, measures the positions in three dimensions, predicts where the ball will strike, moves to the strike point, and hits the ball; and 3) finally, the robot shakes hands with the human by means of compliance control.


Correspondence papers

Kyoichi Tatsuno:A Beach Ball Volley Playing Robot with a Human

Journal of the RSJ, Vol. 18,No. 5, pp. 721-727, 2000 (in Japanese).

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