History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2000BusinessDevelopment of Steam Generator Tube Sheet Walking Robot “MR-III” and the Present State of the Automatic Eddy current Test System

Shusaku NAKASHAMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
写真 MR-III本体
(1)]service-inspection of PWR nuclear power plant, all heat transfer tube of steam generator is inspected by eddy current testing (ECT). The period of ECT is long because the tubes which should be inspected are lot (the amount of tubes is about 3,400 per a unit). Owing to a long inspecting time in a radiation area, the exposure dose is high in the whole work of in-service-inspection. We have been improving ECT devices for decreasing inspection time and exposure dose, and have developed Steam Generator Tube Sheet Walking Robot (MR-III).
図 MR-III 全体構成概念図(参考図)
写真 MR-III本体

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