History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2002BusinessInternet-based Robot MARON-1 (:Mobile Agent Robot Of Next-generation)

Naoyuki SawasakiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Shinji KandaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Yuichi MuraseFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Yusuke YasukawaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Keiju OkabayashiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Miwa UekiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Katsushi SakaiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Takashi UchiyamaFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Ikeshima HiroyukiPFU LIMITED
Murakami YasuhiroPFU LIMITED
Imai HidekazuPFU LIMITED
It is expected that in the future robots will help around the house as a part of people's everyday lives. We have developed MARON-1, a robot specifically for home use, which represents the first step toward realizing that vision. MARON-1 is a robot that can link with mobile phones via the Internet. Its main functions are as follows. 1. Operation of household appliances With its infrared remote-control interface, MARON-1 can operate any appliance equipped with an infrared sensor, including air-conditioners, televisions and video recorders. It can also execute tasks at pre-set times, such as transmitting commands to video recorders. 2. Locomotion The owner can use a mobile phone to check the state of things at home and give commands to move the robot to a specific place. Referencing the home's layout would allow the robot to then navigate automatically to that place, avoiding obstacles and maneuvering through over door thresholds and other surface gradations along the way. 3. Home security MARON-1 can detect and respond to intruders. When the robot detects a break-in, it sounds an alarm and sends an emergency alert to a pre-set number. 4. Hands-free phone MARON-1 is also a hands-free phone with a speed-dial memory for one-touch access to frequently dialed numbers. 5. Camera MARON-1 is equipped with a camera on a rotating mount so that it can record surrounding scenes and transmit them to a mobile phone. Using these images, the user can then direct the robot to move to a designated spot. Its main specifications are as follows. Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 36 cm Weight: 5.5 kg Mobile degree of freedom: Two powered wheels (left, right), one crawler, two-way camera head (pan, tilt) User interface: Touchpad, menu keys, function keys, LCD monitor, microphone, speaker. Run time per charge: 10 hours In 2003, initial sales for MARON-1 began in Japan.



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