History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2004BusinessDevelopment of Ultra-small Size Laser Scanner "SOKUIKI sensor" for Environment Recognition of Service Robots

Hirohiko KawataHokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.
Toshihiro MoriHokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.
Sin'ichi YutaShibaura Institute of Technology
In 2004 we created an unheard of very small and lightweight laser scanner named "Sokuiki sensor Classic-URG" for environment sensing needs of service robots. From the LED-based technology of our former products, we innovated in many areas: developed a phase-difference distance measurement ASIC, an outer rotor type hollow DC motor,and put in all our craft and ingenuity on the sensor optics using infrared laser as light source. Thus we succeeded developing a sensor which levels of high precision, small size and lightweight unprecedented back in those days. And after its mass production sales on 2005, in a blink of the eye our sensor became the de facto standard for service robotics. Later, on 2008 we introduced the "Sokuiki sensor Top-URG" which uses the laser pulse measurement method, and in 2013 we launched the "Sokuiki sensor Smart-URG" also using laser pulse method but in a clever and low cost implementation, expanding our line of products. Finally, from 2014 we go a step further by jumping from the planar 2D world of horizontal scanning into the 3D point clouds of surface scanning, and have presented internationally our new "Sokuiki sensor 3D-URG". 11th RSJ Technical Innovations Award in 2006.
Classic-URG[URG-04LX]:1st Generation Sensor
Top-URG[UTM-30LX]:2nd Generation Sensor
Ether-Top[UTM-30LX-EW]:2nd Generation Sensor
Smart-URG-mini[UST-10LX]:3rd Generation Sensor
Smart-URG-mini[UST-20LX]:3rd Generation Sensor
3D-URG:4th Generation Sensor


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