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Hirohiko AraiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Shozo FujimuraDaito Spinning Co., Ltd.
Isao OkazakiDaito Spinning Co., Ltd.
Shigehiro AnzaiDaito Spinning Co., Ltd.
Keiichi OsadaTechny Co., Ltd.
Kazuhisa MoritaTechny Co., Ltd.
Hiromi OyamaYaskawa Electric Engineering Co.
Hirofumi MitsunagaYaskawa Electric Engineering Co.
Saburo KageyamaNozato Electrical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Metal spinning is a metal forming process by pushing rotating material using a roller tool. This process is suitable for limited production lots of a wide variety of products since it needs only one mandrel, which costs much less than the dies for metal stamping or deep drawing. AIST and Daitoh Spinning Co. have jointly developed a novel metal spinning machine, RoboSpin, which can form a variety of non-axisymmetric products which have elliptical, polygonal, eccentric or other cross sections. RoboSpin performs two basic metal spinning actions to form non-axisymmetric products: force-controlled metal spinning and synchronous metal spinning. In force-controlled metal spinning, a non-axisymmetric mandrel is used. The pushing force of the forming roller is controlled so that the material is forced onto the mandrel. The roller follows the contour of the mandrel to fit the material to the mandrel. In Robospin, a linear motor directly drives the roller. The roller can quickly track the contour of the mandrel.  Another method of forming non-axisymmetric products is synchronous metal spinning. The radial displacement of the roller is controlled in synchrony with the rotation angle of the work piece. The trajectory of the contact point between the roller and the work piece creates the desired cross-section shape. The combination of synchronous metal spinning and force-controlled metal spinning can easily deal with complex shapes and low-formability materials. 日本機械学会ロボメカ部門技術業績賞およびROBOMEC表彰 in 2010. 14th RSJ Technical Innovations Award in 2009. 第8回ロボティクスシンポジア優秀論文賞in 2003. 日本機械学会ロボメカ部門ROBOMEC表彰 in 2004. ファナックFAロボット財団論文賞in 2006.
Linear-motor-driven Metal Spinning Machine


Correspondence papers

Force-controlled metal spinning machine for forming non-axisymmetric shapes:Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 49-50, 2010 (in Japanese).

Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 49-50, 2010 (in Japanese).

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