History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1973Integration, Intelligence, etc.A Study of a Memory Structure and Its Application to a Route- Finding Problem for an Intelligent Robot

M.KakikuraElectrotechnical Laboratory
T.MishimaMeiji University, Faculty of Science and Engineering
T.NagataElectrotechnical Laboratory
An effective memory structure for an intelligent robot and a flexible route-finding algorithm based on the memory structure are discussed. (1)    The stratified memory structure composed of several strata, one overlapping slightly with another, has good flexibility. (2)    An English-like language restricted in a reasonable manner is adopted as the input language, which can be translated into the inner form suitable for a robot. (3)    The route-finding algorithm that makes use of the memory structure mentioned above can make fairly effective search of the route in the case that a robot has ambiguous information on environments. These memory structures, the interpretation procedure and the route-finding algorithm are skillfully combined in a robot system, and the inferential ability to take off ambiguities in input and stored information is brought forth.

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