History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1984Integration, Intelligence, etc.Language Directed Master-Slave Manipulation Method

Shigeoki HIRAIElectrotechnical Laboratory (at that time)
Tomomasa SatoElectrotechnical Laboratory (at that time)
This system incorporates a high level robot language with a master-slave manipulator system. A new teaching-operating method named LARTS/T using LDMSM (Language Directed Mater-Slave Manipulation) is presented. The LARTS/T allows the operator to use language instruction and the master-slave operation cooperatively while preserving the merits of each. The most important feature of the LDMSM is that the structural contents of a task is written with a high level robot language and given to the system before-hand. In this way the system can learn spatial points needed for the task environment from the task performed by the operator following the movements derived from the structure. As a result of this feature, operating the system served to teach to the system in the robot language. In this video, experiments performed on a prototype system are presented.


Correspondence papers

Shigeoki HIRAI, Tomomasa SATO:Language Directed Master-Slave Manipulation Method Using LARTS/T

Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan,Vol.2, No.6, pp.526-535, 1984. (in Japanese)

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