History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1991Integration, Intelligence, etc.A Telerobot System Featuring Man-robot Cooperative Task Execution

Tomomasa SATOElectrotechnical Laboratory
Toshihiro MATSUIElectrotechnical Laboratory
Shigeoki HIRAIElectrotechnical Laboratory
This is a new teleopration system where man and robot cooperatively execute tasks. First, in the new system, the roles of man and robot in the generation of task procedures and task execution change dynamically. That is, while in the conventional supervisory system the role of man is limited to the generation of task procedures and that of the robot to task execution, in this new system man can participate in task execution and the robot can participate in the generation of task procedures. Second, in the new system, the generation of task procedures and task execution are interspersed. That is, while in the supervisory system a task proceeds as batch process, in the newly proposed cooperative system it proceeds interactively. MEISTER (Model Enhanced Intelligent and Skilful Teleoprational Robot) is an example of a cooperative task executions system which integrates a teleopration  oriented knowledge base, a cooperative maneuvering system, and a teleoperated-motion understanding system. A chemical experiment task demonstrates the effectiveness of man-robot cooperation. 6th RSJ Best Paper Award in 1992.


Correspondence papers

Tomomasa Sato, Toshihiro Matsui, and Shigeoki Hirai:A Telerobot System Featuring Man-robot Cooperative Task Execution

Journal of the RSJ, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 602-613, 1991 (in Japanese).

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