History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2000Integration, Intelligence, etc.Precise Task Execution and Tele-Sensing in Space by Sensor-Fused Telerobotics

Kazuo MachidaElectrotechnical Laboratory, AIST
Yoshitsugu TodaElectrotechnical Laboratory, AIST
Tatsuo MikamiFujitsu Ltd.
Satoru KomadaFujitsu Ltd.
This paper presents the concept of sensor-fused telerobotics and its application to the space test of the Advanced Robotic Hand System, which is the world's first precise extravehicular robot aboard the satellite "Hikoboshi". The telerobotic system has features of dexterity, autonomy and flexible operability, using a three-finger multisensory hand at a work site in space and a computer graphics-based desktop interface at an operation site on the ground. The system was launched in 1997, and its capability was successfully demonstrated in space. Integrated utilization of the five kinds of sensors and three-fingers are effective to perform precise tasks under the barrier of inter-satellite communication. Telesensing that acquires the work database interactively using the multisensory hand was introduced to overcome uncertainties in space tasks. 15th (2001) RSJ Best Paper Award
Space Experiment of Sensor-Fused Telerobotics at ETS-VII

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