History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2009Integration, Intelligence, etc.Motion-Copying System

Seiichiro KatsuraKeio University
Motion-copying system is a novel method for preserving and reproducing human motion based on haptic technology. Haptic technology makes it possible to preserve and reproduce human motion using a paired master and slave system. Because it is possible to preserve motion information based on position trajectory and force input, future human support technology that will facilitate skill acquisition, physical rehabilitation will be developed and will facilitate personal adaptation, telecommunication, etc. Once human motions are preserved, it will be possible to process them for various applications. For example, being able to reproduce the velocity and trajectory of motion will allow for adjustments that fit the desired function. As a result, the temporal and spatial coupling of perception and action can be attained. This type of physical extension technology based on haptics will be important for the future of human support in our society.

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