History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2014Integration, Intelligence, etc.Autonomous guide-less delivery robot with direct teaching function

Tadashi OdashimaToyota Motor Corporation
Hidenori YabushitaToyota Motor Corporation
Takemitsu MoriToyota Motor Corporation
Akinobu FujiiToyota Central R&D Labs.,INC
Minoru TanakaToyota Central R&D Labs.,INC
livery robot has been developed that utilizes intelligent technologies for service robots.  Plant operators can teach the robot new operations within 20 minutes without any special skills. When he/she leads the robot from a start position to a goal position by hand, the robot memorizes a work site map and paths at the same time. With the map and the paths, the robot can repeat the learned work scenario including docking to target shelves. 21th RSJ Technical Innovations Award in 2016.

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