History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2001LocomotionBiologically Inspired Adaptive Dynamic Walking of a Quadruped Robot on Irregular Terrain

Yasuhiro FukuokaUniversity of Electro Communications (currently Ibaraki University)
Hiroshi KimuraUniversity of Electro Communications (currently Kyoto Institute of Technology)
We built a quadruped robot to walk dynamically on irregular terrain by using a nervous system model. We integrated several reflexes such as stretch reflex, vestibulospinal reflex, and extensor and flexor reflex into CPG (Central Pattern Generator). We achieved adaptive walking up and down a slope of 12 degrees, walking over an obstacle 3 [cm] in height, and walking on terrain undulation consisting of bumps 3 [cm] in height with fixed parameters of CPG and reflexes. The success in walking on such irregular terrain in spite of stumbling and landing on obstacles showed that the biologically inspired control proposed in this study has an ability of autonomous adaptation to unknown irregular terrain. 17th RSJ Best Paper Award in 2003
A Quadruped walking robot

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