History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2004LocomotionResolved Momentum Control: Motion Generation of a Humanoid Robot based on the Linear and Angular Momenta

Shuuji KajitaAIST
Fumio KanehiroAIST
Kenji KanekoAIST
Kiyoshi FujiwaraAIST
Kensuke HaradaAIST
Kazuhito YokoiAIST
Hirohisa HirukawaAIST
We introduce a method to generate whole body motion of a humanoid robot such that the resulted total linear/angular momenta become specified values. First, we derive a linear equation which gives the total momentum of a robot from its physical parameters, the base link speed and the joint speeds. Constraints between the legs and the environment are also considered. The whole body motion is calculated from a given momentum reference by using a pseudoinverse of the inertia matrix. As examples, we generated kicking and walking motions and tested on an actual humanoid robot HRP-2. This method, the Resolved Momentum Control, gives us a unified framework to generate various maneuver of humanoid robots. 19th RSJ Best Paper Award in 2005.
Snapshot of kick motion generated by the resolved momentum control
Snapshot of walking motion generated by the resolved momentum control

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