History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1976ManipulationGeneralized Decomposition and Control of a Motion of a manipulator

Kunikatsu TakaseElectrotechinical Laboratory
SICE Awards for Outstanding Paper in 1977.
写真 木工作業ができるロボットカーペンタ
Photo 1 Robot Carpenter


Correspondence papers

Kunikatsu Takase:Generalized Decomposition and Control of a Motion of a Manipulator

Transactions of the SICE, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 300-306, 1976 (in Japanese).

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[3] K.Takase: Task-Oriented Variable Control of Manipulator and Its Software Servoing System, Proc.of IFAC Sympo.on Information -Control in Manufacturing, pp.139-145 ,1977.

[4] K.Takase: Skill of Intelligent Robot, Proc of 6th Conf.on Artificial Intelligence, pp.1095-1100 ,1979.

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