History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1997ManipulationSensor Based Parallel Processing Manipulation System: TAKUMI

Kosei KitagakiElectrotechnical Laboratory (ETL)
Takashi SuehiroReal World Computing Partnership
Tsukasa OgasawaraElectrotechnical Laboratory (ETL)
Yun-Hui LiuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
This paper presents a novel parallel processing manipulation system, developed to provide extensibility and capability of real-time response. The system has been organized based on multi-agent using many transputers. The advantages of the system are 1) capability to integrate manipulator controls from higher intelligent levels through lower servoing levels in which real-time response is strongly desired, and 2) flexibility to accumulate various methods and utilize them any time without bad effects to the system. First, in this paper, an important issue to be considered for system design is introduced as a result of a classification of data processing from sensors to actuators. Next, guides to design the system are presented based on the issue. Third, system hardware and software are described in detail. Finally, a prototype system for direct drive manipulator, ETA3s, is shown. The effectiveness of the system is demonstrated with two extended systems for different studies of adaptive control and pseudo contact position monitoring, developed with low cost. 12th RSJ Best Paper Award in 1998.
Controller (left: Ethernet interface with a monitor, center: rack
including transputers, right: servo driver)
Experiment of adaptive control
Experiment of pseudo contact point monitoring


Correspondence papers

Kosei Kitagaki, Takashi Suehiro, Tsukasa Ogasawara, and Yun-Hui Liu:Sensor Based Parallel Processing Manipulation System: TAKUMI

Journal of the RSJ, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 363-372, 1997 (in Japanese).

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