History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2000ManipulationHandling of a Single Object by Distributed Robot Helpers in Cooperation with a Human

Yasuhisa HirataTohoku University
Kazuhiro KosugeTohoku University
Hajime AsamaThe University of Tokyo
Hayato KaetsuRIKEN
Kuniaki KawabataRIKEN
If robots could do tasks together with a human/humans, robots could be applied to not only the industrial filed but also the other fields such as applications in a house, in a hospital, in a shopping center, and so on. Although the mobility of the robot is the important function to cover a large working space in an environment, a single mobile robot is not suitable for handling a large and heavy object, because there is a limitation with respect to the size and the weight of an object handled by the single robot. To overcome this problem, we consider a human-robot cooperation using multiple mobile robots. In this research, we propose a concept of a human-robots cooperation system referred to as distributed robot helpers and a decentralized control algorithm for multiple mobile robot helpers to handle an object with a human/humans. 19th RSJ Best Paper Award in 2005. RSJ Young Investigation Excellence Award in 2001. JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper in 2005. Original Paper Award of the FANUC FA and Robot Foundation in 2006.
Object Handling by Multiple Mobile Robots in Cooperation with a Human
Object Handling by Multiple Mobile Manipulators in Cooperation with a Human
Object Handling by Multiple Mobile Robots with Dual Manipulators
Car Transportation System by Multiple Mobile Robots

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