History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2002ManipulationNon-contact Micromanipulation by Bilateral Control —Control of Micro Tool Using Laser Micromanipulator—

Fumihito AraiNagoya University
Masanobu OgawaNagoya University
Toshio FukudaNagoya University
A laser micromanipulator is suitable for non-contact manipulation of a small object, such as a bacteria and microbe, in the closed space. However, laser trapping has two serious problems to control a living microbe. One is the damage caused by direct irradiation of high power laser to the target, and the other is the weakness of the trapping force, which causes swerving of the target from the desired transportation trajectory by disturbances. For safe and secure transportation of the microbe, we proposed to transport a microbe with microtools trapped by the laser. Here we developed a measurement system of the laser trapping force using a quadrant photo detector (QPD). We analyzed the measurement area of the QPD and calibrated the trap stiffness. 18th RSJ Best Paper Award in 2004.
Indirect Laser Manipulation with Microtools
Transportation of Yeast cell using microtools trapped by laser

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