History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan1988SensingLiquid Crystal Range Finder - High Speed Range Imaging System Using Liquid Crystal Shutter -

Kousuke SatoOsaka University
Seiji InokuchiOsaka University
図2 128ライン液晶スリットシャッタ
Fig. 2 128 Lines Liquid Crystal Shutter
a stable robot vision system,  a practical  three-dimensional data(range image) measurement system is developed, which can detect the shape and position of objects, and the occluding relations in a scene. In this study, a high-speed driven structured light projector is realized by applying a liquid crystal shutter to the projection system using the below techniques. 1) In  structured light projection methods, a fast algorithm  O(log n) is the world firstly presented while the conventional method is O(n), 2) As to the stabilization, a projection pattern extraction method is developed which excludes the effect of the texture of the object surface or the effect of the environmental illumination, using two complementary projection patterns, 3) By incorporating the technique with the Gray code pattern projection spatially coded three-dimensional measurement system, a highspeed range-imaging system is constructed, As a core module  of  3D measurement vision system, the proposed method has made a major impact to the several types of applied researches; a  bin-picking system for pipe joints by recognizing cylinder models (*), functional model recognition, voxel-based whole shape measurement, reflection parameter estimation from surface normal, range image applications [4-7]. Most Influential Paper of the Decade Award in 1998, IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications '98, Range Image Processing for Bin-Picking of Curved Objects in pp.451-454, IAPR Computer Vision '88
図1 時系列空間符号化の原理
図2 128ライン液晶スリットシャッタ
Fig. 2 128 Lines Liquid Crystal Shutter


Correspondence papers

Kousuke Sato, and Seiji Inokuchi:Liquid Crystal Range Finder - High Speed Range Imaging System Using Liquid Crystal Shutter -

Transaction of IECE, Vol. J71-D, No. 7,pp. 1249-1257, 1988 (in Japanese).
Copyright(c)2006 IEICE, License No. 14RB0032

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