History of Robotics Research and Development of Japan2014SensingVideo shooting technology based on Saccade Mirror with background substraction

Kohei OkumuraSUZUYE & SUZUYE Intellectual Property Law (present: IPX patent partners)
Keiko YokoyamaNEC Corporation
Hiromasa OkuGunma University
Masatoshi IshikawaThe University of Tokyo
The authors reported a state-of-the-art video shooting system for some randomly and quickly moving objects, which is based on our precise centering technology "1 ms Auto Pan-Tilt." It can capture the certain moving target as if it stopped and were fixed at the center of the image. With quantifying the system mathematically, they proposed a robust algorithm for a real use. Videos obtained by the new system help us grasp the detail movement of the target object more clearly, which is highly demanded in the realms of the measurement, astronomy, broadcasting service, and so on. 4th RSJ Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award in 2016.
Dynamic video shooting system for outdoor
Visual tracking result of dribbling a basketball

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