【締め切り6/19】HAI 2020投稿のご案内


ヒューマンエージェントインタラクションに関する国際会議HAI2020ですが、締切が延長され、6/19までの投稿となっております。HAI2020は今回が第8回の開催であり、COVID-19のためオンラインで開催の予定です。本年もACM digital libraryへの掲載が行われます。また本年は、採択論文の一部を特集号へ推薦する形も検討しています。

HAI 2020 is the 8th annual International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction. The conference is a venue with an interdisciplinary nature to discuss and disseminate state-of-the-art research on topics that relate to human interactions with a range of agent systems, including physical robots and humanoids, virtual agents, socially interactive agents, and artificially intelligent agents. The topical issues within the conference include user studies, frameworks, simulations, technical developments and more within the area of Human Agent and Robotic Interaction. The conference brings together a large variety of research groups, companies and researchers looking into the broader area of agents and robotics across Australia, Japan and the rest of the world.

The theme for HAI 2020 will be “Artificial Intelligence + Experience Design”. The advent of artificial intelligence, in the past decade, has motivated researchers to focus on several algorithmic prospects in developing intelligent robotics agent and their interactions. Progressively, AI advances are leading to exciting outcomes in the HAI field and at the same time opening up for a wide prospective on how to design intelligent robotic agents. Particularly, how to combine artificial intelligence and user experience design approaches in human-agent interaction.While all submissions related to HAI are welcome, you are especially encouraged to submit papers in line with the theme for HAI 2020. The HAI conference seeks contributions from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, computer science, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, business, marking and design.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

studies of Human-Agent Interaction, with quantitative/qualitative results;
theoretical models;
technological advances;
experimental methods;
impacts of embodiment;
character and avatar design; and
agents in social networks.
agents in business and marking
experience design

Since 2014, HAI proceedings are published incooperation with ACM, and 2020 is in the process of achieving a similar status. Update 06/03/2020: This conference is approved and confirmed to be in cooperation with ACM and SIGCHI.

Submission Format: All papers MUST be in the ACM Conference Paper format (see links below); be sure to leave the ACM copyright area blank.

For Latex, please use the following template:
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