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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the Research Topic on
Sound Source Localization in Mobile Robots in Frontiers in Robotics
and AI, under the specialty of Computational Intelligence in Robotics.
Dr. Fran?ois Grondin, Prof. Kazuhiro Nakadai and Dr. Caleb Rascon are
serving as Guest Editors. We sincerely invite you to prepare a
research article or a comprehensive review to be published in this
Research Topic.

Sound source localisation allows a robot to focus its attention in the
direction of one or many sound events in its environment. This
functionality is often the first step of human-robot communication as
the robot needs to be aware of its audio surroundings to engage in
interaction. Sound source localization remains challenging as there
are often numerous noise and target sound sources that should be
distinguished from each other. Room reverberation can also lead to
false detections due to early reflections on walls and other surfaces.
Some robots generate a fair amount of noise (e.g. drones), which makes
sound localization challenging. A robust sound source localization
system would lead to better speech recognition performance and
facilitate the deployment of robots in households.

In this Research Topic, we aim to explore the challenges and solutions
for sound source localization in mobile robots. Advances in this area
will enable better human-robot interaction, communication and
applications of mobile robots in the real world.

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The submission deadline is *5 November 2021*. You may send your
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authors to send an abstract through the Frontiers submission system by
*2 July 2021*.

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Dr. Fran?ois Grondin, Prof. Kazuhiro Nakadai and Dr. Caleb Rascon
Guest Editors