IEEE ARSO2022は、2022年5月28-30日に米国カリフォルニア州ロングビーチでハイブリッド形式で開催します。

ICRA2022(Philadelphia (PA), May 23-27)と連続しておりますので、

2月15日まで Full Paper を募集しておりますので、


産総研 横井一仁

2022 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO2022)

It is our great honor to announce the 18th IEEE International Conference
on Advanced Robotics and Its Social Impacts (ARSO 2022), is to be held
in hybrid (in presence and online) format on May 28-30, 2022, in
conjunction with ICRA’22.
Conference venue:

The focus of the conference is to consider the impacts of advanced
robots in various service-based applications and discuss viewpoints of
not only technical solution but also the social issues, including
safety, law, ethics, ?psychology, and philosophy.

The topic of interest includes, but is not limited to the following:

? HRI and social robotics
? Safety issues of human-robot interactions in physical & psychological aspects
? Safety standards for advanced robots and autonomous systems
? Legal and ethical issues for advanced robots
? Robot business, marketing & economic impact
? Advanced industrial robots for future manufacturing
? Healthcare and medical applications
? Rehabilitation and transfer robots
? Service and assistance
? Entertainment and education
? Robotics and autonomous driving
? AI and robotics
? Bio-inspired robotics

Important Dates:
Jan 15, 2022: Deadline for Organized Session Proposal
Feb 1, 2022: Notification of Organized Session Acceptance
Feb 15, 2022: Deadline for Initial Paper Submission
Mar 30, 2022: Notification of Acceptance
Apr 15, 2022: Deadline for Final Paper Submission

Paper submission link: paper submission website:

More details about the conference:

Looking forward to Welcoming you in Long Beach!

Take care,

General Chair
Emel Demircan, California State University Long Beach, USA

Program Co-Chairs
Taizo Yoshikawa, Honda R&D, Japan (Web design and administrator)
Philippe Fraisse, Univ. of Montpellier, France
Tadej Petric, Joseph Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Sascha Wischniewski, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Germany