ICRA Expo 2024 & Advanced Registration

5月13日~17日に横浜開催のICRA2024においてICRA EXPO(ロボットデモンストレーション)を行います.世界中から5000人以上が参加する会議で,日本のロボット技術のアピールの場としたく思います.申し込み締め切りを3月21日まで延長しましたので,多くの皆様からのお申し込みをお待ちしております.

また,Advanced Registrationの締め切りも,3月21日まで延長いたしました.Regular Registrationだとだいぶ参加費も高くなりますので,ぜひこのタイミングでの参加お申し込みをお願いいたします.


IEEE ICRA Expo 2024: Call for Robot Demos

The ????????????? ?????????? ?? ???????? ??? ?????????? (????) ???? introduces a groundbreaking event - the ???? ????, set in Pacifico Yokohama. A unique opportunity for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their innovative research through live demonstrations.

?????????? ?? ???? ????:
Everyone is Invited: Submission is open for everyone irrespective if your paper was accepted or not in ICRA.
Supportive Grants: Apply for a Robot Travel Grant to bring your robot to Japan.
Demo Space Options: Choose the perfect size for your demo from small, medium and large.
Get Recognized: Compete for the Outstanding Demo Award.
Submission deadline is March 21st.

??? ?? ???????????:
??????? ???? ????: Get your robot or system ready for a live show.
?????? ?? ????????: Summarize your innovation and demo in a concise abstract.
??????? ? ?????: A short video (max 180s, 20mb) to accompany your abstract.
??????: Via PaperPlaza by March 21st, 2024.

Ready to showcase your innovation? Visit our website or contact the ICRA Expo team. Let’s bring robotics to life in Yokohama!

Yasuhisa Hirata, ICRA Expo Chair of ICRA2024
Yukie Nagai, Helge A Wurdemann, Hesheng Wang, Masashi
Konyo, ICRA Expo Co-Chairs
Jose Victorio Salazar Luces, Ankit A. Ravankar, ICRA Expo
Zhidong Wang, General Chair of ICRA2024