メカトロニクス制御に関する国際会議 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM2021) のご案内

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メカトロニクス制御に関する国際会議 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM2021) のご案内です。
場所:千葉県柏市柏の葉 柏の葉カンファレンスセンター


Technical Topics
? Advanced Motion Control in Mechatronics
? Haptics and Robotics Control
? Intelligent Control and AI in Mechatronics
? Actuators/Sensors and Motor Drive in Mechatronics
? Mobile Robots and UAVs
? High-Precision Control, Micro/Nano Mechatronics
? Automotive Control, Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
? Visual Servo Systems and Image Processing in Mechatronics
? Network and Communication Technologies in Mechatronics
? Other Emerging Topics in Mechatronics
The conference is not limited by the mentioned topics and application areas and invites researchers, engineers and practitioners to present their high-quality papers and presentations in various mechatronics-related subjects.

Important Days (tentative)
23rd September 2020: Deadline for Submission of Organized Session Proposal
20th October 2020:  Deadline for Full Paper Submission
10th December 2020: Notification of Acceptance
12th January 2021:  Deadline for Final Manuscript Submission

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