[CFP] IEEE ISR (安全,ロボット,知能) 2021 Mar., 11/6原稿締切

2021 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for
Robotics の案内でございます。

原稿締め切り: 日本時間の11/7(Sat)16:59
原稿: 2-4ページ, 全てIEEE Xploreに収録
開催形式: オンライン(3/4-3/6, 2021)



参加費 (早期申込者, 2/5までの場合)
$220 USD for IEEE member
$90 USD for student member
$300 USD for non member
$150 USD for student non-member

General chair: 山田陽滋(名古屋大学)
Program chairs: 相山康道(筑波大学),三浦純(豊橋技術科学大学)

Call-for paper submission:

IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for
Robotics - IEEE ISR2021

March 4-6, 2021, On-line, Japan,

Technical papers: 2-4 pages (Deadline: 11/6, PST) will be
archived in IEEE Xplore

Humans and Robots coexist with each other in various domains.
Robots assist humans in both public and private spaces for
transportation and servant purposes where the environments
including humans need to be recognized again for autonomous and
safe operations. Workers perform collaborative operations with
industrial robots in factories where autonomy are major concerns
for manpower saving under workers' safety. These examples show
that intelligence and safety are indispensable for human?robot
coexistence and they need to be elaborately integrated. The IEEE
ISR2021 brings together an international community of experts to
discuss a way forward in robotics for the future of safety and
security with intelligence by provisions of new research results
and perspectives of future developments as well as achievements
of social implementation.

Conference HP:

General chair:
Yoji Yamada (Nagoya Univ.)
Program chairs:
Yasumichi Aiyama (Tsukuba Univ.),
Jun Miura (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology)


岡本 正吾