Advanced Robotics 「Real-world Robot Applications of Foundation Models」特集号のご案内

東京大学の河原塚と申します. Advanced Roboticsにおいて「Real-World Robot Applications of the Foundation Models」特集号の論文を募集しております.
大規模言語モデルやロボット基盤モデルを活用した研究について, 是非皆様奮ってご投稿いただければ幸いです.

Important dates:
Submission due:29 Feb 2024 (締め切りが延長されました)
Notification of acceptance: May-Jun 2024, Final Submission: Jul 2024
Publish:Sep 2024 (Vol. 38, Issue 17)
This special issue will focus on the discussion of intelligent robots using pre-trained foundation models, such as large language models and large vision-language models, which have rapidly been utilized in various fields, including object recognition, speech recognition, dialogue, Q&A, and image generation. Recently, the innovation of foundation models is attracting attention in artificial intelligence [1]. The foundation models have a tremendous potential in robotics applications and have already applied to many robotics tasks. The emphasis of the discussion and research topics will be on the practical applications of these foundational models in real-world robot scenarios.
The special issue will feature research papers that explore the application of various pre-trained models, including large language models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, PaLM, and LLaMA, large vision-language models such as CLIP, GLIP, OFA, X-CLIP, Flamingo, Detic, and SAM, and large audio-language models such as AudioLM, AudioCLIP, HuBERT, Whisper, as well as image generation models/reinforcement learning models such as DALL-E2, Stable Diffusion, Gato, RT-1, and BC-Z. The special issue will include the practical application of these models, such as CLIP-Fields, Code as Policies, SayCan, LM-NAV, ProgPrompt, Socratic Models, and VIMA.