【1/15 投稿締切】IEEE TCDS特集号"Second Edition of the Special Issue on Emerging Topics on Development and Learning"


いつもお世話になっております.大阪大学の万偉偉(Weiwei Wan)と申します.この度,IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systemsにて「Second Edition of the Special Issue on Emerging Topics on Development and Learning」の特集号を組みました.IEEE ICDL2021の優秀論文を誘う同時に,一般的な投稿も広く募集しています.

万偉偉(Weiwei Wan)
大阪大学 基礎工学部
システム創成専攻 准教授
〒560-8531 大阪府豊中市待兼山町1-3
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*Second Edition of the Special Issue on Emerging Topics on Development and Learning*

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (TCDS)
Journal Link:
Special Issue:

Tentative timeline
*Submission deadline (extended): 15 January 2022*
First Reviews Completed: 15 March 2022
Final Decision: 30 June 2022

This special issue aims to track the state-of-the-art progress on development and learning in natural and artificial systems. It concentrates on development and learning from a multidisciplinary perspective. Researchers from computer science, robotics, psychology, and developmental studies are solicited to share their knowledge and research on how humans and animals develop sensing, reasoning and actions, and how to exploit robots as research tools to test models of development and learning. We expect the submitted contributions emphasize the interaction with social and physical environments and how cognitive and developmental capabilities can be transferred to computing systems and robotics. This approach goes hand in hand with the goals of both understanding human and animal development and applying this knowledge to improve future intelligent technology, including for robots that will be in close interaction with humans.

The primary list of topics of interest include, but not limited to:
- Principles and theories of development and learning;
- Development of skills in biological systems and robots;
- Models on the contributions of interaction to learning;
- Non-verbal and multi-modal interaction;
- Nature vs. nurture, developmental stages;
- Models on active learning;
- Architectures for lifelong learning;
- Emergence of body and affordance perception;
- Analysis and modelling of human motion and state;
- Models for prediction, planning and problem solving;
- Models of human-human and human-robot interaction;
- Emergence of verbal and non-verbal communication;
- Epistemological foundations and philosophical issues;
- Robot prototyping of human and animal skills;
- Ethics and trust in computational intelligence and robotics;
- Social learning in humans, animals, and robots.

The special issue is open to novel contributions.
Also extended versions of published conference papers (such as in ICDL 2021) are welcome, but they must have at least 30% new impacting technical/scientific material in the submitted journal version, and there should be less than 50% verbatim similarity as reported by a tool (such as CrossRef). Additionally, the conference papers and the detailed summary differences must be included as part of the journal submission to TCDS. All submissions will be reviewed as regular TCDS papers before acceptance.

Guest Editors:
Dingsheng Luo, Angelo Cangelosi, Alessandra Sciutti, Weiwei Wan, Ana Tanevska