[Call for Papers] International Session of RSJ2022

 ■ IS1: Human and Robot
 ■ IS2: AI, Learning and Control
 ■ IS3: Robotics and Manipulation
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<Purpose of the International Sessions>
The 40th annual conference of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ2022) will be held at the University of Tokyo. The purpose of International Sessions (IS) is to provide opportunities for presenting and discussing research in English and to promote the exchange of ideas and interactions among a broad audience and participants. Specifically, this session uses English as an official language including presentations and discussions. A conference registration fee is required to attend and/or present papers in the International Sessions. Short papers with 1-4 pages written in English are welcome.

<Call for Papers>
International Sessions, the 40th Annual Conference of the Robotics Society of Japan

Date: September 5th - 9th, 2022
Venue: The University of Tokyo (Hongo, Tokyo)
Deadline for Application: Noon of June 8, 2022
Deadline for Paper Submission: Noon of July 6, 2022

<Paper Submission>
Authors are requested to follow the normal submission procedure and upload their papers electronically in PDF format through the conference website. The detailed procedure for submitting a paper is shown below. The fee for one paper submission is included in the conference registration fee. For more submissions, an extra submission fee is required.

<Session List>
■ IS1: Human and Robot
Organizer: Natsuki Yamanobe (AIST)
Contact: n-yamanobe[at]
Abstract: Developing robots that can operate in human environment and proximity requires to understand human behaviors and movements, and to study situations when robots and humans are actually operating together. This session aims at providing a space for discussion on the above aspects by inviting speakers to present their work on a broad range of topics ranging from human motion science to human-robot interaction including design and control.

■ IS2: AI, Learning and Control
Organizer: Jun Nakanishi (Meijo University)
Contact: jnakanis[at]
Abstract: The aim of this session is to provide opportunities for discussing a broad range of topics relevant to AI, learning, and control in robotics. We welcome submissions from all aspects on the theoretical development and practical applications of AI and learning approaches to robot control. Any other relevant topics are also highly encouraged.

■ IS3: Robotics and Manipulation
Organizer: Kenji Tahara (Kyushu University)
Contact: tahara[at]
Abstract: Object manipulation is one of the most basic skills required for robotic systems, and that is becoming a new phase with many new approaches such as learning or optimization techniques or soft robotic systems, whereas still difficult to make it like as a human. Aiming at realizing dexterous manipulation, this session will provide an opportunity to discuss the cutting edge of robotic manipulation in all aspects of theories and applications.